Innovative processes: Implementation of Power-to-Gas Technology in the Aragonese Pyrenees

      The aim of this work was to study the application of Power-to-Gas in the Aragonese region in the Pyrenees. A detailed analysis of the availability of renewable energy resources (wind, solar and hydraulic) was carried out to select the most appropriate renewable source. Also, the different options to obtain CO₂ through carbon capture systems were studied.

      Two case studies were selected in this project for the deployment of Power-to-Gas in the region: the tourist sector (e.g., hotels) and the industrial sector. For the first case, a small size installation was designed to obtain environmental benefits and to supply the thermal demand in hotels. In the second case, a commercial installation was sized to work in parallel with an industrial process and take advantage of the hybridization. The latter was continued in the PtG-Chemical Industry project.

  • Regarding the touristic sector, the study was performed for medium size hotels of 80 rooms. Option A was dimensioned with a 30 kW electrolyser and able to produce the 25% of the natural gas demand. Option B was bigger with a 72 kW electrolyser and able to produce 60% of the natural gas demand.

  • The feasibility of Power-to-Gas has been analysed in the Pyrenees region. Hydropower is the best and more flexible option of renewable energy resource to be used in this system. Regarding CO₂, there are several important sources in the industrialized area but most of them are far from the renewable sources.

  • The social and environmental benefits of Power to Gas are relevant for both the touristic and industrial sector, but only the latter presents a good economic feasibility.
Completed 100%

Project info

6 November 2014 – 31 March 2015

Total budget: 56,379 €

  Cluster de turismo de montaña
  •  Foundation of Hydrogen in Aragon
  •  CIRCE Foundation

Principal investigator
  Luis M. Romeo (
  University of Zaragoza

This project received funding from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of the Spanish Government, through the funding programme “R&D programme on innovative business clusters” (Ref: AEI-020500-2014-79).