Development, evaluation and optimization of sustainable Power to Gas Schemes for energy-intensive industrial metal manufacturing processes.

      Iron & steel and aluminum manufacturing are considered among the most difficult‐to‐decarbonize sectors. The CIRA project seeks to develop sustainable Power to Gas (PtG) strategies driven by renewable electricity towards the decarbonization of these industries. The project focuses on direct reduction of iron (DRI) and alumina refining calcination processes. These strategies will enable switching from fossil natural gas to electrolytic hydrogen and synthetic natural gas (SNG) to supply process heat, reducing agents and electricity. Tailored PtG processes will be developed and integrated, while minimizing changes in process equipment and cost. The integrated processes will be thermodynamically, economically and environmentally evaluated and optimized, and benchmarked with existing industrial and alternative decarbonization approaches (carbon capture).

Power to H2 routes for the Direct Reduced Iron process

  • Model future centralized grid and/or on‐site electricity provision scenarios for use in Iron & steel and aluminum manufacturing facilities, based on United Arab Emirates future energy plans.

  • Develop and optimize efficient, cost‐effective and environmentally sustainable Power to H2 and Power to Methane processes driven by renewable electricity, and tailored for integration in energy‐intensive Iron & steel and aluminum manufacturing.
  • Benchmark the new integrated processes against conventional industrial processes, from the thermodynamic, economic and environmental point of view.
Ongoing 56%

Project info

1 July 2020 – 30 June 2023

Total budget: 608,059.62 €

   United Arab Emirates
  •  Emirates Global Aluminium
  •  Khalifa University
  •  MoEI

  •  University of Zaragoza

General coordinator
V. Eveloy (
Khalifa University

[1] A review on CO2 mitigation in the Iron and Steel industry through Power to X processes. M Bailera, P Lisbona, B Peña, LM Romeo. Journal of CO2 Utilization, Volume 46, 1 April 2021, Pages 101456.
[2] CO2 recycling in the Iron and Steel Industry via Power-to-Gas and Oxy-Fuel Combustion. J Perpiñán, M Bailera, LM Romeo, B Peña, V Eveloy. Energies, Volume 14, 29 October 2021, Pages 7090.

This project received funding from the Khalifa University of Science & Technology by means of Competitive Internal Research Awards 2020 (Ref: CIRA-2020-080).